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Free Graphics!


I've been working on some matched sets; only 3 so far. They are all based on fractals made with KPT. There is a blue one with a plain background and a red one and a gold one, both with bars on the left side, with instructions below on how to use the tables command to insert your graphics and text.

Blue home button

This is what the blue ones look like. Please click on this button to go to my family page and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK. Then come back and check out the page sets.

Dino will take you to the blue fractal page.

The red button will take you to the red fractal page; it's really nice, don't miss it.


This will take you to the gold fractal page.


INSTRUCTIONS: On a page with a left patterned bar, you need to use tables to place the text and graphics where you want them, and not put them on the bar. You can just use the page the way I have it tabled if you want to, inserting your text instead of mine. I have listed instructions from a net tutorial below for you to try. I used a table beneath the heading and the top colored bar. To see it, on each page, just look at "view/document source".

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Name your page here</TITLE><BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" BACKGROUND="Name of background graphic" TEXT="ff0000"><TABLE CELLSPACING="10"><TR><TD WIDTH="165" (This is the width of the bar, you may have to play with this number to get it right". If you wanted text in the colored column it would go here, but you usually won't. </TD> <TD>Right column stuff goes here (everything else on your page). Then close with this code: </TD></TR></TABLE></BODY></HTML>This is not how I did it, but try it.


PLEASE email me with any suggestions or mistakes you have found.

I AM sensitive,but I'll try to be brave and take your criticism.


Go here for PaintShop Pro and lots of tutorials

1. Go to my first page (home button above) and click on Brandy's link for gorgeous setups.

2. Go to the Cartoonpalace for neon letters, fire letters, gold and silver letters, and other good things.

3. Go here to find out how to do a complete landscape in PSPro (a "digitoil").