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In keeping with our commitment to a democratically-run union, SBPEA provides an avenue for members to question decisions that may be made in their dealings with the Association.

As much as we do for our members, there will occasionally be times when even our best efforts will fall short of what a member may have expected. We owe a duty to our members to do what we can to protect their rights and interests, and we try fulfill that duty for all members when problems arise.

But we also recognize there may be times when a member is not happy with an action taken by SBPEA, or they may not understand why our efforts on their behalf may be restricted. In those rare cases, we provide a way for members to get their questions answered.

We strive to have a member’s phone call answered within 24 hours - a normal work day. If the staff representative assigned to a case is not in the office, a member should ask for their back-up. If a member wants to leave a message, we ask that the message include the best time of day to return their call. This prevents the always-frustrating game of "telephone tag." Likewise, when we call a member back, we try to let them know when we’re available to receive the return call.

If a member is not satisfied with the service they receive, they have a number of ways to let SBPEA know their opinion. For professional staff, a member would call Tom Ramsey, the Supervisor of Field Services, or SBPEA General Manager Chris Prato to lodge a protest, and every effort will be made to try and address the member’s concerns.

Members can also direct their concerns to the Association’s Board of Directors. As the elected leaders, part of their job is to make sure that overall Association policy is carried out. A list of members of the Board can be found on the inside cover page of our monthly newsletter, the VOICE.

Members make this Association what it is. We encourage active participation and members’ opinions, suggestions and constructive criticisms are valued.