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Welcome To
S.I.S. International
Educational Resource for College

College and University
Admission Program (1-20)
Services Provided Include:

S.l.S. International will provide you with at least eight colIeges and universities in America. We will look for the schools which are considered academically superior in your major course of study. We guarantee that if you are not accepted to any one of the colleges we give you, we will refund your processing fee.

However, if admission is refused because necessary documents were filed after deadline, the guarantee applies to the following year.

Our guarantee is based upon the information you
provide to the schools. Each school has different requirements.

You must meet the school requirements. S.l.S.

International will assist you by following up

with the school to make sure that they

issue you an 1-20. However, our guarantee

is based upon the information that students

supply to schools regarding parent's and

student's income, assets, and the schools

recommendation. For example,

essays, letters of reference, ect.


If actual information varies, or recommended

strategies are not applied, the guarantee does not apply.

If an 1-20 is not issued you must notify

S.l.S. International immediately whereupon we will attempt to resolve

mistakes or help you file for appeal. The students must attend full time and

maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by the US Department of Education and Immigration and






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1. Background Information
I Name:
I Address:
I Phone:
Date of Birth:
Country of Citizenship:
Sex (Female or Male):
Residence State:

2.What is your present Level of Education?
   High School                  CollegelCertificate/Diploma
   Undergraduate              Some Graduate
   Graduate                      Some Postgraduate
   Ph.D.                           Other

3.What is your GPA/Honors or average Grade ~ Obtained?
          (For Example,"B", Ist class Honors ect.)


 General Information
 College Admission
 Financial Aid
P.O.Box 3153
Voice / Fax 909-425-1215