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S.I.S. International
Educational Resource for College

Free Money for College

 College is Expensive! Parents and students alike realize that the cost of college is rising every year. Therefore, the need for large amounts of financial aid is growing quickly. With the cost of education out pacing inflation by 2 to I, a college education will soon be out of reach of most people. This fact has caused many students and parents to search for any source of financial aid to pay for their college education. Who'll Pay For Your Education?  Is your money important to you? How would you like someone to pay for your college education? There are many private companies and organizations who have set aside the money to pay for your education.

The problem is that most people don't know how to find or apply to the sources that give Free Money To Pay ForTheir Education.



Our organization specializes in finding students the scholarships and grant money to complete their educational goals. Remember, scholarship and grant money is free, it does not need to be paid back. We will provide you with a personalized student profile and at least six international sponsors of financial aid for which you qualify.

S.l.S. International, prides itself on having the most complete listing resources of private sector funding worldwide from religious groups, clubs, organizations, corporations, trusts, foundations, memorials, and thousand of philanthropic organizations which African students qualify for. Each listing will give the awards name, address, telephone number, award director's name, amount of the award, deadline and what makes you eligible for the award. Each award source of financial aid is classified into:


Scholarships are available in the following subjects:

Animal and Plant Sciences,Art, Building and Construction, Business and Commercial Studies, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering Sciences, Environmental Studies, Farming and Agriculture,

History and Historical Studies, Humanities, Language and Literature, Law and Legal Studies, Mathematics, Media and Broadcasting, Medical and Health Sciences, Music, Home Economics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Planning and Development, Political Sciences and Government, Printing and Publishing, Religious Studies, Social Sciences,Technology,Writing,Athletics,Travel Grants, Exchange Programs for Teachers, High school/college students.

These awards are based on your individual, academic, family and personal interest profiie. We, of course are unable to guarantee you'll receive any awards. However, we do guarantee that if you fill out your form correctly, we will give you available resources in our award base that you qualify for. We will then return this profile directly to you.



All you need to do is apply to the resources which we give you. They have the money set aside to pay for someone's college and it ~ might as well be you. Then sit back and let private corporations, universities, foundations and other charitable organizations pay for your ~ education. You need to get started as soon as possible. Application deadlines occur throughout the year and the sooner you apply, the better your chances of obtaining a scholarship. So get started now and start enjoying the benefit of a free college education.




  • Everyone from High school juniors to post doctoral students. Sponsors include almost all areas of study.


  • There is continuous filling of Financial Aid Applications. Different sponsors have different deadlines.The earlier you get the process started the better your chances of getting free money for college. Welcome to the real world of college Financial Aid.

                 S.I.S..International Educational Recources for College


    Financial Aid Application Form

    1. Background Information



    Date of Birth

    Phone   Fax

    Sex { Male / Female }

    E-mail address

    Country of Citizenship

    Residence State



    2. What is your Intended Major Course of Study?       (Example:Biology,engineering etc)

    Enter Here


    3. What is your GPA / Honors? Average Grade Obtained?                  (Example"A" Ist class honors etc.)

    Enter Here


    4. What is your present level of Education?

    High School                                     College / Certificate / Diploma

                Undergraduate                                  Some Graduate

                 Graduate                                           Ph.D                       Other


    5. What kind of Financial Aid are you looking for ?

    Scholarship                      Fellowships                         Grants

     Internship                         Work Study                         Exchange Programs


    6. Write a one page essay: In your essay describe your Background, Achievement (Brag about yourself- why should you get a scholarship.?)



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