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San Bernardino County Medical Center's Talent Agency

Looking for some talent? You just found it! In the staff and employees of SBCMC's Pathology Department and Department of Laboratories

Page under construction; more photos on the way.

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Department of Pathology Supervisors:

Carolyn Leach, M.D., Chemistry

Leroy McCarthy, M.D., Bacteriology

Mark Seifert, M.D., Blood Bank

(The boss is camera shy)

And Now.......we bring you the indispensable employees at SBCMC, without which the Pathology Department would probably wither and die (or at least we like to think so)

Top left to right: Mary Lee, autopsy assistant and Jack-of-all trades; what would we do without her? Geo Valdivia, one of our lab assistants and computer guru-take a look at his home page; Senior secretaries Katie and April with JoAnne, our one and only cytotech; Monica, student aide and new mom, with Katie; Debbie Pierce, Supervisor of Hematology; Jeffrey, Media Department; Gary Barrington, Supervisor of Blood Bank; and Mike Tomasulo, Supervisor of Bacteriology; and guess who! The Dragon Lady, of course. Click on the photo to email me.

San Bernardino County Medical Center, 780 East Gilbert Street, San Bernardino CA 92415


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