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You need to make some space in your life this year for what is important to you. You may experience some pleasant changes but only if you work at it. If you formulate a good plan for your life it will become a thrilling reality by the end of the year. During the last half of 1997 you will see how to turn some of your problems into advantages. So if you've been having a problem, don't get discouraged. If you concentrate you can achieve great things this year. You must determine what you need most in life and make that your goal. Romance: This is the best chance you will have in a long time to strengthen your present relationship. You may find a new lease on life. If you aren't involved with anyone right now, it may take a while. Keep an open mind. Back to top


This will be an auspicious year. You will experience a reunion with an old friend. One of your fantasies will turn into one your life's goals; just make careful it is the right one. Trust your instincts; you will receive a revelation. If what seems to be a wonderful opportunity arises, take it. Romance: Don't be anxious or in a hurry to form a new relationship. You may find an old lover becoming attractive again; maybe you have both grown enough to resume the relationship. If you are experiencing a strained relationship right now, work at revitalizing it-but not at the expense of your freedom. Back to top


You are tired of waiting for something wonderful to happen. It's always just around the corner. Don't give up your hopes and dreams! This will be a fruitful year. Work at it and you can make it happen. Your aspirations are NOT too high! Romance: If you end a relationship it will not be a painful experience-it was just time. You need time to develop your self confidence so that everyone can see what you have to give. Back to top


This year holds some arbitration (arguments) for you, either at work or at home. You may feel oppressed, but the person who has been impossible to deal with will either change their tune or distance themselves from you. You will feel relief, and will be able to develop a realistic plan for your life that will come to fruition this year. Towards the end of the year you will be relaxed and happy; don't forget that you have to work for your goals. The stars won't give them to you. Romance: A joyous solution to your problem is coming your way. It may be someone new or a change in someone already with you. But it will work out well by the end of the year. Back to top


There will be a short-lived problem involving the wellbeing of someone you care for - this may weaken you for a short time. But the outcome is happy, but it will teach you a lesson and increase your maturity. Therefore it can be looked upon as a gift of learning, as are all troubles. Afterwards you will put your new learning to use, broaden your experiences, and discover greater freedom than in years. You will become eager to explore many new aspects of life, to learn and discover. Romance: If you are in a relationship, it will flourish. If you are uncommitted, enjoy it while it lasts. You will soon have an experience of being deeply cared for and wanted. Back to top


You have come to grips with an unpleasant situation in your life and finally admitted that you want it to end. You have a big decision to make. You will start a new project which will be hard to finish. As the year progresses your problem will diminish, with your constant efforts to make your life what you want it to be. At the end of the year you will be calm, focused and self-confident. Until then, do not let yourself falter; do not give in to self-doubt. Make a goal and keep it in mind. Romance: You want some uncertainty and adventure in your love life. When you find a stable happy relationship you tend to think it's too good to be true. Your relationships may be stormy through the year, but will aid in your personal growth. Do what is right for you and don't waste time feeling guilty about others. Back to top


You've been working hard to prove your assertiveness; they say Librans are indecisive. Not so in your case. It will become easier and easier. Even if now you feel daunted by a problem, you will think it through and do the right thing. Do not feel frustrated by obstacles others put in your way. Continue your efforts, and you will be successful. Be tireless in your efforts to put your life to rights, but do not be critical of others who are not as enthusiastic as you. Romance: Your love life will not be a problem in 1997. For single people there will be electric excitement. For couples, your rapport will become even deeper. There is a relationship waiting for you, ready or not. Back to top


When your friends and family have a problem, they call you. Or another Scorpio if they know one. Don't think you're out of it; it will last through 1997. But the phone will ring for other reasons too, some interesting offers. Work or play? We don't know, but keep an open mind. This year you will go between feeling stressed out and being blissfully idle. The tension and the good times will be increasingly dramatic, but later in the year you will sit back and review the lessons you have learned. In later months you will make some changes that will make your life run much smoother in the future. This will involve your career and your financial matters. Romance: Couples must continue to make an effort to keep their love alive. This involves commitment and compassion and the willingness to compromise. Sounding easy in theory, this can be the most difficult challenge in your life. Your main concern is that you may fail to play your part in your relationship; just relax and resolve to uphold your commitments and be your own charming self. You are naturally sweet and hopeful (though you regard yourself as cynical). Regardless of some imagined unhappiness, your long term emotional prospects are good. Back to top


Your life became more intense last year and you are still slightly stunned by all your experiences. You can't tell if you're happy or just busy and confused. But what you need to do is determine what it is you really want from life. Your old dreams are over; you are ready to move into a new phase, but you must determine what it is to be. The predictions for your future are happiness and clarity, if you know what you want. Romance: You've been pretending that your emotions are perfectly fine; now it's time to admit how you really feel. You tend to laugh at your feelings and not admit them to others. Realize that you are vulnerable, like EVERYBODY ELSE. Let down your psychological barriers and experience your real feelings. At the end of the year you will find someone with whom you can let down your guard. Back to top


You're due to experience improved finances and a change in your love life. Your emotions have been sleeping, but now they are awakening. Reality may seem difficult at first. There will be a great change for you. During the transition, try not to look back, but go forward into your new life with a sense of adventure. Towards the end of the year you may experience a financial windfall. Romance: You have experienced an emotional wound in the past, and it has to be opened up and healed. Something wrong must be put right. After that, you will experience a rich love life towards the end of the year. Back to top


You had an intensely uncomfortable experience in 1996. Your current situation is unresolved. You know that something basic must be fixed before you will be well. But you are in the midst of a "life changing process" which will lead toward a future happier than any of your past. Try to gain some insight into your problem, admit you have a problem and try to work out an answer, and you will move through the rest of the year with ease and wisdom. Romance: Your life is not entirely your own right now. Your fortunes are linked to someone who has a mind of their own. You have become dependent, not your old self sufficient self. Wait with an open mind and a solution will present itself. Resolve to make a sacrifice and you will find that it is really not a sacrifice. Back to top


You are a light sleeper, very sensitive to your surroundings. You want to make the world a better place, and you will, and in doing so will make your life more rewarding. Make a sincere effort and you will become much more prosperous. You may have a problem finding others with your sense of commitment. Don't be impatient; you will find an outlet for your talents. Romance: Your romantic instincts are infallible, but you tend to act the martyr and sacrifice for your significant other. Don't. You have bigger and better things to do. If your partner doesn't fit in with them, so be it. The year will end on a happy note. Back to top

**This information compiled from up to date astrology sources; author not responsible for predictions or outcome based on actions of the reader.