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S.I.S. International

Educational Resource for College

S.l.S. International College Financial Aid Services is Committed To

Helping college bound students and their families seeking a college education abroad realize their higher educational dreams by encouraging educating and eaquipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to attend college of their choice regardless of cost.

S.l.S. International's board of directors are dedicated to helping students from around the world who despite all obstacles continue to strive to improve their lives through education. These obstacles many face include:

  • Limited opportunities for attendance at colleges and universities in their home country.
  • Unavailability of major courses of study in local colleges and universities.
  • Limited knowledge in the area of college financial aid resources to study abroad or within their own countries.
  • Hoarding of scholarships and grant information by those who are privileged with access to this infomation.
  • Having to pay huge kick backs (bribes) for scholarship information and college admission information in institutions of higher reaming abroad.
  • Political instability - leading to closures of local colleges and universities. Students are taking much longer to graduate than they really should.

Services We Provide To Help You


Services We Do Not Provide

  • S.l.S. International specializes in helping students obtain financial aid for college. Do not confuse us with an actual college. We do not offer classes. We simply help you obtain the money to pay for classes.
  • We are a source of access to a worldwide pool of sponsors. Since it would be a conflict of interest to act as a sponsor, naturally we do not do that. What we do is to connect you to the resources that give scholarships, grants, work study, fellowship.
  • S.l.S. International is not to be confused with a charity either. We are a private organization with a specific mission to help you get the money to go to college.
  • S.l.S. International does not give visas to students who wish to study outside their home countries. However, we can provide names of immigration lawyers or agencies who can help you in these regard.
  • Each individual student is responsible for his own financial well being while studying outside their home country. Whereas S.l.S. International strives to provide you with the maximum possible assistance and advice, it is vital that each individual student clearly understands that he or she is ultimately responsible for his own financial, social and psychological well being
  • We provide thorough information about the particulars of a vast variety of resources of financial aid. Normally, a student will receive the financial aid which we represent that he will probably receive. However, we have no control over sponsor's final decision on who to give their award.
I Want S.l.S. International To Help Me With The Following:

Private and Public Resources of Financial Aid .................US $98.00

Get College and University Resources of Financial Aid........US $98.00

Get admission to an American University and / or College ..US $98.00

Strategies to Maximize Financial Aid ................................US $50.00


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