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Book Listings

Reading for Pleasure

I've listed my favorite authors for you here,
and I've compared prices; these are great.

N is for Noose by Sue Grafton-the latest
adventure of famous PI Kinsey Milhone. Fascinating woman;
great morale builder for women

The Street Lawyer - by John Grisham
His latest; need I say more?

Fear Nothing -by Dean Koontz
His books are all good; this one has a great
main character and a great dog.

Category: Carnival glass collecting

Fenton Art Glass 1907-1939
(with value guide)
Usually ships within 24 hours. Fenton was
one of the most prolific glassmakers and is
still in business. This book is invaluable for
help with identifying old glass patterns.

Imperial Carnival Glass
Carl Burns/1996, ships 2-3 days

Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass
Bill Edwards, 5th ed./1996. Usually ships in 24 hours.
The 6th edition is out now and can be found in the "new books"
section. I'll list it here soon. Or buy this older one with a new
updated price guide. This book is invaluable for the new collector and
is absolutely the best way I've found to identify CG patterns
from ANY glassmaker.

Millersburg Glass as I Know It
Marie McGee, 1995, paperback. This is a large
papercovered book with excellent color photos of
the glass and an easy to use price guide.

Dugan/Diamond; the Story of the Indiana, Pennsylvania
Glass Company

William Heacock, 1993. Another large paperback
with plenty of good color photos and a loose price guide
comes with it.

More books later........