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Classified Ads

Please take advantage of our free classified ad page. Naturally, the content is limited by the number of ads received. Choose a category from our list or use your own category, limit your ad to 50 words or less, remember to enter your phone number or email address, and your general geographical location, and then mail it to us. Ads will be updated twice a week. As a favor to me, if you have time, please sign my guestbook. As the page fills up, the older ads will come off to make room for newer ones.* Send it in.


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You folks in N. Carolina take note: Here's a real nice 1985 Chevrolet suburban Silverado, well kept, 350 CID engine, 700 transmission, 6 month warranty on rebuilt transmission, A/C front and rear. new tires, towing pkg. 159,000 miles. $7,000 OBO. Call Melissa at 336-772-0037 or 336-724-1224 or email Posted 8/5/99

Youve got to see the computer ads below!


COMPUTER DEALS; you wont believe these!

NEW COMPUTERS (Call Dr. Mark Seifert at 909-862-3768)

Examples: Socket 7 IDE systems

233 Intel MMX, ATX case, 32 meg RAM, 5 g. Maxtor HD, floppy, 16 bit audio, S3 Virge 4 meg video, 100xCDROM, Logicode 56K modem, 15" monitor. Only $700.

233 MMX AMD K6, DFI motherboard, Pioneer DVD cinemaster, floppy, 32 meg RAM, Fujitsu 2.1 gig HD, desktop case, Awe 64 soundblaster, iomega Zip drive, Wisecom accelerator pro 56K modem, 15" monitor. Only $900.

233 MMX AMD K6, Txpro motherboard, 4.3 gig ultra DMA Western Digital HD, sliding AT case, 2 floppies, 24xCD, 32 RAM, 16 bit sound, S3 TV tuner card with 4 megs DRAM. 15'' monitor. $700.

233 mHzPR cyrix, TX motherboard, 32 ram, West.Dig.4.3 gig UDMA, 24x Toshiba CDROM, Zip drive, 2 floppies, desktop case, Matrox Mystique 4 meg video, 56K modem, intellimouse, 16 bit sound, 15" monitor. $750.

233 MMX K6, TX pro motherboard, sliding AT case, 3.5 gig Fujitsu HD, S3 4 meg video, 16 bit sound, US Robotics Veverything external modem, 32 ram, Sparrow SCSI card, 32X Toshiba CD, 15" monitor. $840.

200 Intel MMXC ultrafast SCSI system, Conner 2.1 gig SCSI-2 HD, Jaz drive, 2 floppies, 4 meg video, 32 bit soundblaster, 56K modem, ATX case, SCSI CD rom, SCSI CD writer, 15" monitor. $1200.

200 MMX cyrix, ATX case, TX motherboard, 2.5 gig Fujitsu HD, 32 ram, 2 floppies, Hollywood DVD ROM, ellimouse, AWE 64 soundblaster, S3 video 4 meg, 15" monitor, $840.

200 MMX K6, 3 gig HD, Intellimouse, Toshiba DVD, S3 Virge 4 meg DX, Awe 64 soundblaster, ATX case, VX motherboard, 32 ram. $700.

233 Intel MMX, 2.1 gig Fujitsu HD, VX Amptron motherboarfd, 2 floppies, zip drive, 32 ram, Hollywood DVD, AWE32 soundblaster, tall tower case, SCSI card. $900.

233 Intel MMX, ultrawide SCSI with Micropolis 4.3 gi ultra SCSI HD, 24x Toshiba CD, 33k modem, SCSI zip drive, Matrox Millenium video, AWE 64 soundlbaster, 32 ram, 15" monitor. $1,150.

233 mhz AT server with ten bays. Ultrawide SCSI with 4.3 gig ultra HD, zip drive, intellimouse, AWE 32 sound, dual processor motherboard by Tyan, Sony CD plus Sony CDwriter. Dual floppies, S3 Virge 4 meg video, 15" monitor. $1500.

Pentium II Systems:

266 mhz, ATX, 8.4 gig Maxtor HD, 24X Toshiba CD, 2 floppies, zip drive, Diamond Fire 8 meg video, 16 bit sound, 56K modem, Intellimouse, 32 ram, 15" monitor. $1400.

233 mhz, ATX, ASUS motherboard, ASUS 4 meg AGP video, zip drive, 4.3 WD UDMA HD, Philips 56K modem, Hollywood DVD, 32 ram, one floppy, 16 bit soundblaster, 15" monitor. $1200.

233 mhz, ATX, ASUS motherboard, dual floppies, Seagate 9 gig Ultrawide SCSI HD, Hitachi 24x IDE CD, 16 bit sound, Intellimouse, 32 ram, Trident AGP card, 15" monitor. $1600.

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GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Virtual reality golf machines. Two bar style games, less than a year old, full swing operation, 14 PGA courses included. Be your own boss. Serious inquiries only. Machines new cost $19,000 each. (Northern Indiana)


SADDLE-17" all purpose saddle for sale. Incl pad, leathers, irons, and girths. Good condition, used only twice. $160 OBO.

1939 CHEV COUPE, project car, complete car, rebuilt stock motor, has some work done on car. $4,000 firm. Call Gary Shcryver at 360-385-5007 or email 5/27/98

PUPPIES, Staffordshire-Amer. pit bull terrier pups. c.k.c. registered, great bloodline, great beauty. $150 to $250. Eddie Brasher Bruce, MS. 601-983-2008. email 5/22/98

PUPPIES, lovable dalmatians, calm parents, champion sire, May 2-1998, $500. Alton Bay NH. Call Mike at 603-875-7204 or email 4/20/98

Computer Equipment; good prices: Several systems available cheap; can be custom built. Contact Mark at or 909-862-3768. Highland/San Bernardino area. Posted 1-6-98

Business opportunities: World-wide marketing and distribution. Take a look.

Vending machines for sale: 8 tabletop models, hold 14 snack items, easy to load and carry, brand new, $250 each for one or all. Call Genene at 909-887-0446, evenings or weekends, or leave message. San Bernardino area. Reposted 1-11-98

Scrimshaw and knives: Local artist carves to order on knife handles, bone jewelry and other items. Handmade knives made to order. Email dragonlady for more information. Posted 1-11-98

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*Ads will be screened for suitability and content; we reserve the right to refuse posting of any ad submitted. We are not responsible for content or consequences of any ad; answer at your own risk.

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