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Our Mission

It is the mission of the San Bernardino Public Employees' Association to provide the best possible service to all our members with integrity and equality; to advance the social, economic, and educational welfare of the membership; to promote professional working relationships and fair play between members and management alike; and to positively contribute to the communities we serve.

Adopted March 17, 1997 by the SBPEA Board of Directors

Our Staff

The paid staff of the Association is charged with carrying out the Association's mission and to enact policy decisions of the Board of Directors. The Association Board hires the General Manager who, in turn, hires the other staff members who provide day-to-day services to the membership.

The Association staff currently includes eleven full-time professional labor relations representatives, clerical and accounting support staff, and two Benefits Division employees.

The Association's Benefits Division is actually an insurance agency, the San Bernardino Public Insurance Services (SBPIS), which offers a wide variety of individual and group insurance plans for Association members and retirees. Most SBPIS benefit programs are available through payroll deduction as an added convenience to our members. Many programs are designed to supplement plans which are available through your employer (many of which were negotiated by SBPEA). Benefits and plans offered through SBPIS are constantly under review with an eye toward increasing the value of being an Association member. Members should call SBPIS at (909) 884-6851 to get the latest information on benefit plans currently available.

For most members, their only contact with SBPEA will be through paid staff, either from personal visits at the work site, or over the phone. When a member has a problem or question, their call to the Association is routed to the staff member who has responsibility for the County department or agency where the member works. Professional staff members are assigned to County department(s) and agencies. Each staff member has a backup for hteir caseload to cover vacations or other unavailability. If both the assigned staff member and the backup are not available, a member can talk to any available staff member in the office. Our goal is to provide timely, professional and effective assistance and representation to our members.

Our Links

We have attempted to provide you with helpful links for job and government related issues, labor law and resources, and a recreational page, and to timely articles to keep you abreast of the latest information and available aid.